Got Milk?

I got a lot of questions about the Chanel 'Lait de Coco' bag that I posted on Instagram so thought I'd give you all the info. 

The bag was shown as part of the Chanel 2014 Fall collection. The show had a supermarket theme. Bags were shown in meat trays, models carried Chanel baskets and labels on every day items had been 'Chanelafide'.  This particular bag was shown as part of look #172  and carried by model Ola Rudnicka (thank you

The milk carton bag has now sold out in store but there are still a few floating around on line... I personally wouldn't recommend that you buy a bag like this from eBay (I'm scared it would be a fake) but I did find one on Portero.Com which is a very reputable site (I've bought bags from them before). It's pricey and not for everyone but is a true collectors piece and a little slice of Chanel history from the Lagerfeld reign. 

That 70's Show

Skirt: Topshop. Jacket: Topshop Unique. Blouse: Zara. 
Bag: Louis VuittonLoafers: Bass Weejuns.
Earrings: BaubleBar.

I love it when a piece can transition through the seasons. This Topshop skirt was a summer favourite of mine (seen here) but something about the texture means it also works through the (slightly) colder days here in Los Angeles. 

I'm not often drawn to brown but the 70's feel of this jacket seemed like an easy way to key into the retro feel that was so apparent across many of the shows last fashion week. Black leather will of course always be my first love though.


Jeans: Ashish. Top: Topshop. Sandals: Saint Laurent.
Backpack: Aspinal.

These jeans are a party all by themselves. I got to borrow them as part of my column in last month's Glamour and totally relished blinding people with their sheer fabulosity.