Lust List

Perspex clutch: Charlotte Olympia. Striped T. Shirt: TopShop. 
Suede Pumps: Kandee Shoes. Leopard Jeans: Currant Elliott

Want and love all of these. Especially that perspex clutch- Come to mamma.

Off to London for a friends wedding this weekend- this will be a whirlwind trip as I have to get back to LA for filming but I feel so happy to be going home even if it's only for a few days :)

Happy Birthday

Skirt: Courtesy of Storets.  T.Shirt: Vintage. Belt: Vintage.
Boots: Courtesy of Kandee Shoes. Watch: Michael Kors.

A belated 'happy birthday' post to my manager Christina. This is the outfit I wore to her birthday party. Such a fun evening :)

Still loving my Kandee boots. Some studs have fallen off but I say that those are just battle wounds because these are my party shoes! I seem to have a great night whenever I wear them. These babies are super high and I feel like an unstoppable amazon when I'm in them.

Never Give Up.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: Zara. Belt: Vintage. 
Sandals: Prada. Bag: Chanel.

I pass this mural on my way to work. Makes me smile every time :)

I love the detail on this shirt. Really simple with just a touch of 'edge'. I have to give credit to the boy because he was the one who spotted it whilst we were shopping at The Grove. 

Mint Candy Apple

Sandals: Rough Justice from LF (found similar ones here). Cropped Tee: Courtesy of Anarchy Street
Bag: Alexander Wang. Jeans: LF.

Remember last summer when nearly every blogger under the sun (myself included) wore 'Mint Candy Apple' nail polish by Essie? These Jeans remind me of that. I might revisit that nail colour just for old time's sake....

Bold Burberry

Dress: Courtesy of Burberry Prorsum. Shoes: Prada

I still feel incredibly lucky that I get to borrow beautiful clothes. I fell in love with the deep green colour of this dress and can see myself searching for the exact same hue come fall.

I had quite a few emails asking about my make up look for this event. I like to do my own makeup so here's the full 'How To':

*Apply Nars 'sheer glow' liquid foundation to areas that need it. I focus on under eye and a little on chin and nose. 

*Dab MAC 'strobe cream' onto cheek and brow bones.

*Lightly dust Shu Uemura face powder over oily areas. Use sparingly to keep the skin 'dewy'.

*Use an angled brush to apply gel liner to top eye lids. I'm using 'black track' by MAC.

*Apply two full coats of mascara. I used Covergirl 'Lash Blast Fusion'.

*Add lashes. I used a couple of Shu Uemura's 'slim partial' accent lashes. They're a nice alternative to a full strip of lashes which I think can look a bit fake. You may need to adjust your liner after applying the lashes. I usually wait until my lashes are dry to add the 'flicked' part of my liner.

*Smile and brush Nars 'Orgasm' onto the apples of your cheeks.

*Finish with MAC 'Ruby Woo' lipstick. This lipstick is super matt and has amazing staying power but because it is so dry you need to prep the lips with a light lip balm. Use a lip brush if you don't like using lip liner

For more makeup posts click the 'makeup' label below :)


Shorts: Courtesy of New Look. Boots: TopShop. T.Shirt: LF.

Shorts are becoming my go to item. I have three pairs on rotation: red ones, stripe ones and my trusty vintage levis. The early morning starts when I'm filming mean I reach for whatever is in the pile at the end of my bed.

It's dawned on me just how much of my wardrobe I left behind in London.... I miss my shoes!


Shorts: TopShop. Shirt: Courtesy of TFNC. Boots: Jeffery Campbell 'Lita'.

If any of you are considering getting a pair of these shorts I recommend you go up a couple of sizes. They are cut very high on the leg and show a fair bit of bum! I took 2 sizes up.

I've had this TFNC shirt for a while and pure laziness prevented me from wearing it. It's difficult to iron! I've got myself a steamer now and it's like my new best friend. The back detail on this shirt is lovely and to really get the full effect you kind of have to go braless so I was on nipple duty the whole time I was wearing it. Thank goodness for the long hair ;)