Ding Dong

Clockwise from top: 
Pricilla and Elvis,  London inspired wedding transport, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, THE Jenny Packham dress, nonchalant glamour, gorgeous flowers & Reem Acra Mouse ears.

My former wedding planning reticence has given way to a full on scrapbook of inspiration images.... You know what they say- "Go big, or go home". ;)

And if I can get my hands on those Reem Acra mouse ears then they will be my veil and I don't give a damn what my mother says! 

Night School

Skirt: PINE. Jumper: Courtesy of Storets.com. 
Shirt: American Apparel. Loafers: Miu Miu. 
Clutch: TopShop. Hat: ASOS

I'm having trouble wanting to wear any other shoes at the moment. These have all my favorite qualities: Black. Patent. Studs. It also helps that compared to my usual 5 inch heels these are like slippers!

P.S You can read my run down of the Golden Globe dresses here


I think I could work the black eye ball look full time... ;)


Looks very spooky!

Got my eye on you

Clockwise from top: 'Livia' Platform Sandals £75: TopShop. Suede ankle boots £335: APC via Net-a-Porter. Full Skirt Denim Dress £40: ASOS. 'Dolly' Suede platform pumps £595: Charlotte Olympia via Net-a-Porter. Bronze embellished turban £22: TopShop

All the new season stock is starting to hit my favorite online shopping destinations. It's a constant internal struggle not to order a ton of stuff everyday. Above are a few items that I've had to restrain myself from buying.... I'm keeping my eye on them though! 


My real NYE celebrations. Lots of dancing and laughing and no one fell in the pool.

Pictures by Kevin Morosky using a Yashica T4.  


Denim Shorts & Belt: Vintage. T.Shirt & Coat: TopShop. 
Bag: Mulberry. Shoes: Miu Miu. Sunglasses: Kiss.

The weather was so nice today that I got to wear one of my 'lighter' coats. I bought this one over 5 years ago and it's still one of my favorite pieces. I don't keep it with my everyday clothes so when ever I come across it, it's always a nice surprise. 

Me and the boy will be off to LA soon. We're going for a couple of months to do some meetings and auditions. I looooove being in LA! I'm already planning when I will be hitting the vintage markets.... For some reason LA has THE best vintage! I plan to stock up on this trip.

p.s I want to do a f.a.q post... Ask anything you want to know by commenting on this post or by sending an email to ringmybellblog@gmail.com and I'll answer in the next post :)

Faux New Year

Denim Shorts: Vintage. Shirt & Leather Jacket: TopShop. 
Boots: Courtesy of Kandee Shoes.

For some reason New Year's eve can sometimes feel like a bit of a let down. I decided to solve that by having a pre New Year's eve four days in advance just in case. Streamers and chocolate. Best New Year ever!

I spent my real New Year's eve (wearing a lot more clothing!) having dinner with the boy and friends and dancing by the pool at shoreditch house (love you Vanessa!). It's a miracle that I didn't fall in because I wore the above Kandee boots.... I saw looks of envy directed at my feet all night!

Happy New Year!!!!! 

I hope you all had a rocking new year's eve and that 2011 brings you your heart's desire xoxox

*Photography: Mischa Barton