Proud of Pride

Many thanks to Pride magazine for featuring me in their Style File page! I was beyond excited when they asked me and really enjoyed chatting with Shevelle, the fashion and beauty editor :)

I love that they added a picture of Ronnie Spector. I looooooooove her!

Bag Porn

Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Satchel


Mulberry Oversized Alexa

My love for the vintage Chanel I posted about here is still going strong but I'm finding it hard to commit to spending such a large amount of money for something I haven't actually laid eyes on.

However I do still need a new bag (need might be a slight exaggeration) and have yet to add a satchel to my collection. Vying for a place in the Ring My Bell wardrobe are these two beauties.... Equally satchel-ly but different in their own ways. There is something serious and no nonsense about the Proenza and it carries with it heavy weight fashion credentials but we all know how much of a sucker I am for anything leopard and patent! I know all about the "simple will last you longer" argument but.... life is too short to shop that way!

Does everyone else buy themselves a birthday present or is that just me? One week until my birthday!!!


Faux Fur Coat: Asos. Studded Leopard Boots: Courtesy of Kandee Shoes
Jeans & Denim Shirt: TopShop. Scarf (used as headband): Vintage.

I have a thing for double denim... I love it so much I even freezed my tush off for these pictures. It's been so fricking cold recently! My ears can't take it anymore and ear muffs are not a look I can carry off so I've started wrapping this scarf around my ears in a bid to stop them from falling off. So far so good!

The faux fur coat is the one I posted about here. Seriously cosy :)

A few of you have asked which shoes I wear when I'm not wearing heels.... The truth is I wear heels a lot but I also wear these:

P.S The boy has started his own blog!


Bright Cold

Skirt: Courtesy of Warehouse. Sweatshirt: TopShop. 
Boots: Jeffery Campbell 'Lita'.

I love this faux leather trimmed skirt so much that even when they didn't have it my size I took it anyway. I bought it 4 sizes too big and took it to a tailor. 

The boy and I have began to think about our wedding. It's a tough process because I'm not really a wedding girl.... You know how some girls grow up knowing what their dress will look like and which flowers they want? I'm the opposite. If I wasn't so scared of my mum I would elope.  When I mentioned to her that I was thinking about doing that she stared at me long and hard and said "that's not very nice" and then gave me a side eye. Let the planning begin! (Oh God.)


Camouflage Trousers: Courtesy of Nicole Miller. Tuxedo Jacket: TopShop. 
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I love the silhouette of a tuxedo jacket and skinny pants.  It's a look that Kate Moss does over and over again and she works it so well. These Nicole Miller camouflage pants make a interesting alternative to the skinny leather pants that I've been living in for the past month. Seen here and here.


I'm a big fan of masculine tailoring on women and I looooooved Rihanna in this Dolce & Gabbana suit at the MET ball back in 09. I know some people weren't feeling this look but I thought she looked hot!

Not The Boy

 At Home
 In the Taxi
The Event

The boy wasn't available to escort me to an event so Mr Kevin Morosky stepped in. 

Kevin likes to take pictures of everything. He actually has polaroids of us from when we were kids working in McD's. Polaroids that will never be seen by the public I might add! 

He shoots on film which means no checking to see if you look good and then deleting. Ugh.

 He reckons that these shots were the only usable shots form the night but I think he's just trying to avoid having his picture on the blog!

Photography by: Kevin Morosky


Long Hair Faux Fur Coat: ASOS

I just bought this gorgeous coat. It looks so cosy! I cannot wait for it to arrive to I can channel my inner 70's siren ;)

I seem to do far more online shopping during the winter months....  It's too cold to venture out and it gets dark so early. There's nothing better then curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and browsing a good shopping site. Sigh.

Sharp Edges

Boots: Courtesy of Kandee. Leather Trousers: TopShop. 
Jumper: Courtesy of Warehouse. Coat: Vintage.

I have no words to describe these shoes. They are AH-MAZING. They make me so freaking tall and I love that! The platform makes them walkable but to be honest I couldn't care less about walking- these are shoes are to be worshipped. Get a pair while you still can because I reckon these will sell out.  I've worn this jumper non stop since I got it, it's so cosy! I actually wish I got it in an even bigger size for added slouch appeal.

I've taken my hair extensions out. I had to wear them nearly everyday since August for 'Bedlam' and I got sick of them. They're having a much deserved break.

P.S Yes, that is my engagement ring ;)


 Dress: Courtesy of TFNC. Coat: TopShop. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita". 
Socks: ASOS. Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang

These boots are SO comfortable. Totally worth the stress of selling my other pair and getting these because they don't even feel like you're wearing heels. They have a huge platform and they're surprisingly light. If you can bear to pay the custom fees then it is really worth getting a pair.

It's hard not to just spend all winter in my leggings and huge jumpers because it is so bloody cold right now. I'm trying to keep my fashion flag flying high by wearing thermal layers under everything. You can't see it in these pictures but I had thermal knickers, two thermal vests and a body suit on under this dress....  Next time I'm going to add another pair of tights.  I hate to be cold!

'Bedlam' is totally finished now, I loved working on it but I'm happy to be having a break. I'm going to fill my days eating and sleeping until christmas. I might throw in a bit of reading but I'm not promising anything... I have a lot of food to get through.

Bag Porn.

It's big. It's black. It's quilted. It's Chanel. Do I need to say more?


Anyone know what this bag is called???

Links to pictures of this bag will be greatly appreciated. Send me Chanel bag porn!

Never Too Much

Coat, Jeans & Shirt: TopShop. Boots ASOS.

There is no such thing as too much leopard! There are certain things I can never say no to: Leopard print, patent, studs and leather. These things always catch my beady little eye.

I have a little give away for you!!! My lovely co-star Charlotte Salt has a beauty blog "In The Eye of The Beholder" and she has a gorgeous lip stick up for grabs. As I'm sure you all know 'Lipstick Queen' is an awesome range of lippies and one of you lucky readers will win the much talked about shade 'Jean Queen'.

Here's how you can win:
  • Follow 'In The Eye of The Beholder" on Blog Lovin here.
  • Leave a comment with your email address (so you can be notified if you win) on Charlotte's blog post here.
P.S Which items always catch your eye? Is everyone else as obsessed with leopard as I am!?

Falling For Fall

Skirt: PINE. Tshirt, Turban & Boots: ASOS. Cardigan: TopShop. 
Tights: American Apparel. Bag: Chanel.

I got a lot of emails asking about the Stilla creme blusher I posted about here.  You guys couldn't find it anywhere because the brand had been discontinued... I've found the next best thing! Eyeko sent me their new 'Fat Balm' in Raspberry and it is gorgeous! I kinda want them all now. I'm wearing it in these pictures. It gives a lovely natural glow, goes on very smooth AND you can use it on your lips! I've been perusing their site and Im veeeeeeery tempted by the black graffiti pen. It would be great for my winged eyeliner look, no? They're offering free shipping at the moment in case any of you fancy getting a 'fat balm' of your own! 

Ok, now on to shoe related news...

I sadly had to sell my JC 'Lita' boots. They were too big for me and it killed me to let them go. I'd been obsessing over them from the moment I saw them in the Jeffery Campbell look book and when mine eventually arrived (after being held hostage in customs for about a decade) I was devastated to find that they didn't fit.... Well you can imagine my absolute GLEE when the boy's brother arrived back form NYC tonight with a brand new pair of blue suede 'litas' for me!!! I squealed! I finally have the right size so you'll be seeing them on here very soon :)