Merci Beaucoup!

French Grazia did a lovely little piece on me! Gulp. So grateful! Many thanks to Valentine who found and sent the article to me. You can check out her blog here .

Um, how gorgeous does the boy look here!?

My outfits in the article (From top left):
*Grey Skirt: PINE. Vest: American Apparel. Belt: Vintage. Boots: TopShop.
*Yellow Dress: Courtesy of Herve Leger. Jacket: Courtesy of Gucci. Shoes: Courstesy of TopShop. Bag: Chanel.
*Black Dress: American Apparel. Boots: TopShop. Bag: Balenciga.

I'm going to wear stripes and red lippy tomorrow in homage to France.... ;)


Dress & Leather Jacket: TopShop. Leopard Boots: ASOS.

Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's getting so cold! Expect to see lots of coat outfit posts from now on. 

For those that have been asking: This is my hair in all it's natural glory (eh hem). If I wear it like this I wash it and use loads of conditioner. I use She Uemura's hair oil and then I blast it with the hair dryer. 

A busy two weeks coming up. I'll be shooting the last episode of Bedlam and it will be pretty full on. Blog posts may be few and far between... but I'll keep you all up to date with my purchases and fashion musings on twitter :)

P.S A few of you have asked about the leopard boots.... I bought them a couple of weeks ago from ASOS but they seem to have sold out now. If I hear of any more being added to the site I'll let you all know... x

Shoe Porn

YSL Palais Mohawk Suede Pumps.

YSL Palais Patent Platforms.

Christian Louboutin Louis Hi Top Studded Sneakers.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Ballerina Flats.

Miu Miu Studded Patent Loafers.

Alexander Wang Constance Felt Booties.

Alaia Lace up Calf Hair Pumps.

I want all of these.... If somebody held a gun to my head and said: "pick one pair", I'd say: "ARE YOU EFFING CRAZY!?!". I seriously could not pick one. They are all toooooooooo beautiful to me! 

You can see a theme in my shoe choices. Animal textures, studs & spikes, patents, blacks and chunky heels. Yum :)

Which pair float your fashion boat? Or are you like me and need them all?!


Leggings & Scarf: TopShop. Jumper: Mens's Reiss. 
Boots: Christopher Kane for TopShop. Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang.

Another stolen jumper from the boy! He actually hasn't shrunk this one (yet) but I'm wearing it anyway :)

We spent this weekend on the sofa catching up with Britain's Next Top Model and attending the wrap party for season 4 of  'Secret Diary'. Bambi isn't even in this season but she had to accompany Ben to the wrap party regardless. Much fun was had by all. No pictures though.... Somethings just do not need to be documented and me being drunk is one of them!

The Ring My Bell shop has finally been updated! I just posted new items yesterday and something has already been sold. Be quick! Click here to see the shop.

New Items In the Shop!!!!

I finally got round to updating my shop! New Items added today and more to come later including a pair of Louboutins and the perfect little black dress. 

Have a look here!

Mon Chat....

Jeans: TopShop. Sweater: Uniqlo. Boots: ASOS.
 Beret: Vintage Mary Quant.

This sweater actually belongs to the boy but he has trouble doing the washing when I'm not around and shrunk it. It's now the perfect slim fit sweater for me. His loss, my gain!

I saw these boots on ASOS and went straight to checkout. I think it's my fastest online purchase ever. Leopard print. Check! Pony effect. Check! Platform. Check! 

I'm kind of obsessed with this lip stick. I actually don't even remember buying it... I think it came free in a gift bag. Anyway, it's "Super Stay Colour" by Maybelline and it really works! It stayed on all day and didn't dry my lips at all. I highly recommend it! What are your favorite lip sticks or glosses?

Face Time

A lot of you have been asking about my skin care and make up.... So here you go, ask and you shall receive!


I always take my make up off with an oil cleanser. My absolute favorite is by Shu Uemura. It's probably my favorite skin care product ever! It removes everything and keeps my skin soft. I then wash my face with a gel facial wash. Recently I've been using Dermalogica's 'special cleansing gel'. It cleans my face without stinging my eyes or drying my skin.

I travel for work quite a lot so I always stock up on Shishido moisturizer at the airport. I only wear a day cream that has SPF15 or higher and I do this everyday. In the evenings I use No 7's 'Protect & Perfect' night cream. It's incredibly rich but I have no problem going to bed with an oily face!


I'm not a fan of heavy foundations. I think they age you and look cheap.... For day time I love MAC 'face and body'. It has a lovely texture and the bottle is HUGE. If I feel like I need a bit more coverage for an evening out then I use NARS Sheer Glow. This is very creamy but still light enough that your skin can breath.


I love a thick line with a flick and I always use MAC fluid line in Black Track. I like full lashes so usually go for 'volume' mascaras. At the moment I'm using 'The Colossal' by Maybelline.


Day to day I use MAC cream blush in 'Posey' and then in the evening I use a NARS bronzer/blusher duo: 'Laguna' and 'Orgasm'. 'Orgasm' is one of NARS's best sellers and I can see why. It has really good pigment with beautiful flecks of gold that blend well and it doesn't streak or go patchy.


I did a full post on lips here but these two have been my 'go to's' for a while. MAC 'way to love' is a great nude. It goes on really silky and doesn't dry your lips at all. 'True Coral' from Tom Ford is a gorgeous pink coral. It quite bright and is kind of a retro shade.

Thanks to ASOS magazine for the article in this months edition! It's so lovely to get recognition for this blog. You can see the article in all it's colored glory here. (page 46-47).... 

p.s I did a hair 'how to' post back here!

Swallow's Blues

Shorts: Vintage Levis. Shirt: American Apparel. Cardigan & Socks: TopShop.
 Shoes: Miu Miu

These swallow socks are so Miu Miu-ish and cute that I couldn't resist them. When the weather turns colder I'll wear them peaking out of my dm's but for now it feels right to put them with the Mui Mui shoes... I think they're very happy together. 

We shot the promo for Bedlam this week. I don't want to ruin it for you but I will say that I had to get veeeeeeery physical and I've ended up pulling my back out. I'm sure it will be worth it and I cannot wait to see the finished product! I tweeted a sneak peek of the set here.... That bed was NOT comfortable! We're half way through shooting the series now. 3 episodes down... 3 to go!

The winner  of the necklace is: Sian from Her blog is lovely so go and have a look. Thanks to all who entered. I've enjoyed looking at all your blogs- I'm about half way through but I will come and see them all!