Hell For Leather

Leather Shorts & Blouse: TopShop. Boots: ASOS.

As you can probably tell from this post and the last one, I am obsessed with leather at the moment! 

Leather can look trashy so I try to keep the rest of the outfit quite soft. I also think that some leather items can take you in the wrong direction.... For example: Tight leather hot pants. To me, these say "hooker" but leather shorts say "hello I'm a rock star".  Leather trousers: Yes please. Leather catsuit: No thank you. Its a very fine line!

I want a leather skater skirt next. If any of you see a good one, let me know :)

Spotted Stripes

Leather trousers, Leopard Coat & Striped Top: TopShop. 
Shoes: Miu Miu. Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang.

The boy snapped these pictures before we went out on our date night... We went for a yummy dinner at Automat on Dover St in London where I learnt the lesson that apple pie and ice cream does not go well with tight leather trousers. I literally could not breath at the end of the meal!

I bought this coat way back in August and I've been dying for it to be cold enough for me to actually wear it. If any of you fancy getting one for yourselves I recommend buying it in a size down. I ended up getting mine in a UK6 from the petite range so the sleeves are super short. I love a good bracelet sleeve. 

The boy bought me the Wang clutch from New York. He picked it all by himself. He's stylish AND a good photographer. This blog would be nothing without him :)

That Old Chestnut...

Well it's actually an acorn but whatever... it's give away time!!!!

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The Tourist

Being away from London makes me appreciate it so much more when I actually get the chance to be there. I live in Camden but I hardly ever spend any time there. Tolga and I decided to make a tourist day of it, we had brunch, ate doughnuts and walked around the markets.
This is actually a restaurant! You eat your food whilst sitting on a scooter.
Lucky cat :)
My favorite part of the day! I found it very hard to choose because there are so many doughnut combinations.... In the end I opted for the classic custard and it was yummy.
This is what you call working a LOOK.
Dress: ASOS. Loafers & Jacket: TopShop. Bag: Chanel.

Costume Drama

Dress: Courtesy of RARE. Boots: TopShop.

I love that this dress is almost like a costume, the feathered shoulders add drama and I've always wanted a legitimate reason to wear wings outside of halloween and not look like I'm crazy... I mean, who doesn't!?

When the weather turns colder I'll wear this with tights, my new patent doc martins and a big coat.

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Inspired by Zoe

I adore Zoe Saldana. She is totally my girl crush! We used her look at this year's Glamour awards as costume and makeup inspiration for a scene in 'Bedlam'. I  obviously could come nowhere near the luminosity of the lovely Zoe but I very much enjoyed paying homage to one of her looks.

Not the clearest shot, I know... You can just about work out the lacey dress. You'll get to see the whole thing when the show comes out! I loved the hair and makeup so much that I kept it in for a night out in Manchester with the boy....
Boots, Jeans & Jacket: TopShop. Shirt: American Apparel. Bag: Alexander Wang.

I just found out that I have a new job! Its a part in a movie that I read a while back... The script was so freaking scary that I had to wait for the boy to come home before I could finish reading it. The director directed the video for 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes... I love that song and I loooooooooove that video so I'm sure that he will make a great film out of this script.

I'll be shooting 'Bedlam' until November and then straight on to the new movie and then it will be almost christmas!!!! Yep, I am one of those people that thinks about christmas from as far back as July.

p.s Who else is loving Cher from x factor?! Just you-tubed her performance for the 1000th time and realized there are some some very apt lyrics in that song....

"If you be hating, just be mad at yourself
I bet you think this song is about you,
don't you?"

Thanks again to all the followers, comments and twitter followers.... even the 'anonymous' haters xoxo

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Wild Horses

Shorts, Sweatshirt and Shoes: Urban Outfitters - All costume from 'Bedlam'.

More DIY shots from the iPhone... I'm missing the boy's photo shoots as much as you believe me!

The detail isn't great in these shots but these red shoes are lovely! The buckle is made up of horses. Neigh! I'm tempted to get another pair in black.

Just a second

Jeans & Loafers: TopShop. Shirt: LF

Thank goodness for my iPhone! I wouldn't have any blog posts right now if it wasn't for my phone and its hipstamatic app. Best. App. Ever. Well worth £1.59!

I finished a little early today so I snapped these pictures of my "work" outfit while I was waiting for my taxi. This tartan (or plaid if you're american!) shirt is one of my favorite 'go to' items. It so simple to throw on and I of course love the cut out shoulder holes. I had to stop myself cutting peek a boo shoulder holes into all of the boy's shirts and wearing them the same way :)