Playsuit: Urban Outfitters. Cardigan: Topshop. Head Band: Primark. 
Satchel: Urban Outfitters. Loafers: TopShop.

Not having the boy (or the time!) for full photo shoots has made me resourceful!  I've installed the hipstamatic app on my iPhone and I'm showing you guys my costumes for Bedlam. 

I like to work really closely with the costume designer and find a look that both feels right for the character and also still looks current and fresh. For the character of Molly we've gone with a lots of layers and flirty florals- very different from my own personal style but there are definitely pieces that I want to steal and make my own!

Spare parts

Some shots from my time in Mallorca this summer to make up for my lack of posting. I made friends with lots of stray cats and got the boy on the other side of the camera for once.

I'm filming in Manchester and the boy is filming in London...  Sigh. Us being apart means less outfit posts for you guys. Sorry!

I find it hard to focus on anything other then my script when I'm filming but I of course left time for commentary of the Emmy dresses! You can read my rants on twitter here :)


I'm sneaking in a colour shot so you can see the red soles/red lippy power combo.
Necklace: Courtesy of Mimco, T.Shirt: American Apparel. Jeans: TopShop. 
Leopard Shoes: Louboutin. Leopard Clutch:TopShop

I was asked by Mimco to take part in their 'unpredictable revolution'. I got very inspired by the film for their campaign. It tells the story of a dark debutante's diary and the necklace arrived inside a book! You know when they take a chunk out of a book to make a secret compartment? That's how the necklace arrived. Awesome. 

I love the idea of having really 'done' hair and make up paired with jeans and a simple tee.... you top the whole look off with killer shoes and bad ass jewelry and then you're good to go. 

I've had these leopard Loboutins for a few years and I considered selling them at one point; I'm SOOOOOOO glad that I didn't! Leopard, pointed kitten heels are beyond on trend this season.

I started working on 'Bedlam' this week. I'm now splitting my time between London and Manchester. I obviously don't like being away from the boy and Oscar but the cast are lovely so I don't feel too sad. I'm working with Charlotte Salt, Theo James and Will Young- three very lovely people.  Check out Charlotte's beauty blog here. The second she said she had a blog I knew it would be a great 3 months shooting :)


Kevin is wearing; Carrot jeans: TopMan. Shirt: American Apparel. 
T.Shirt: Own design. Sneakers: Puma. Bracelet: Gucci

I am wearing; Dress: Vintage. Belt: Gucci (vintage). Loafers: TopShop.

Kevin and the boy came to visit me on the set of 'Victim'. The dress I'm wearing is part of my costume.

Kevin is one of my oldest and closet friends. I love these pictures of us because our body language is so warm, you can tell that we spend practically all our time laughing when we are together. There is an ease between us that has grown over a decade of friendship. As well as making me howl with laughter he also has impeccable style ;)

I can finally tell you more about my new TV show.... it's a series that I'm shooting in Manchester called 'Bedlam'. I won't ruin it for you but I will say that the scripts are very spooky and I got quite scared reading them!


I've been incredibly lazy on the posting this week. Apologies but I've been so bloody busy filming 'Victim'.

The winner of the Tous bear give away is........ Aimslee.

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Bear Hug.... giveaway :)

Sterling Silver Bear Pendant: Tous

This cute sterling silver bear pendant is courtesy of Tous and one of you lovely ladies will get to own it! I think it would make a great base for a charm necklace....

This giveaway is a special treat for my Bloglovin followers only so make sure you are following on there to have a chance of winning!

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Video Killed The Radio Star

Denim cut offs: Vintage Levis. Body suit: American Apparel. 
Pink Chuck Taylors: Converse. Belt: Vintage. Matt black wayfarers: Rayban - borrowed from the boy. 

A couple of days ago the boy came running into the house... "The light outside is perfect and there's an old TV in the street!!!" To him this meant one thing: Photo shoot. 

People were driving by giving us the "you are crazy" look but we took the shots regardless. One of the hazards of having a fashion blog is people looking at you strangely while you stand and take pictures in the street. Oh well :) I think the first shot is awesome. It's very 'attack of the 100 foot woman'....

I got some exciting news today.... I'm gonna be shooting a new TV series! I was planning to go back to LA at the end of the month but I don't think I will now because I'll be busy filming here until November. That's a loooooooong shoot. I'll give you all the juicy details when it's all locked in and finalized.

Meanwhile I'm shooting 'Victim' the movie and loving it. The boy came down to set and took a few shots so I'll share them with you later this week.

p.s Do any of you have any good blog recommendations? I read loads of them already but I'm always on the look out for good up and coming ones.