You learn something new everyday...

Whooga ugg boots

I do not like UGGS I think they are ugly and they don't look nice with any outfit that I can think of. However... I do own a pair. They are my slippers/running to the shops to get milk shoes. I also wear them if I have an incredibly early start when I'm filming (I also wear my p.j's then but that's for another time).

I always thought that 'UGGs' were the real deal and all other boots that looked like them were fakes... I was wrong. It turns out that 'ugg' literally means a sheepskin boot. The UGG Australia ones that have become so popular are just another brand of sheepskin boot. Confused? It is explained better here.

I was sent these Whooga uggs and I have to say they are better then my "real" uggs. They are so bloody cosy. As most of you know I've been sick recently so these have been practically glued to my feet whilst I lay on the couch. The lining is lush and thick- which is exactly what you want from slippers that are socially acceptable to wear on the street.

Whooga are offering 100 Ring My Bell readers a $30 gift card to use on their site. Yep that's right I said 100 of you. The code is 515RINGMY. It will work for the first 100 people to use it.  Copy and paste the code.