Here Come The Girls

Becca, Me, Elizabeth, Jenni, Zahra and Krystelle aka Stepford.
Shorts and denim shirt: TopShop. Lace bodysuit: American Apparel. Clogs: Jeffery Campbell.
The Boy...

I had some of my friends round for a cake extravaganza. Krystelle aka Stepford kindly baked the cakes for us. We were spoiled with lemon drizzle cake and the best brownies I've ever had in my life. I don't cook but I am excellent at presentation so I opened packets of party snacks and placed them beautifully on the table ;)

I asked the ladies to dress in what they felt best showed their personal style and I think they all look awesome... 

  • Becca has the 'girl next door' look locked- super natural make up and a great pair of jeans.
  • Elizabeth looks like a rockstar. I love her patent dm's.
  • Jenni's wispy dress has an innocence that is sooooooo pretty (then you realize she's not wearing a bra and is actually a naughty minx!)
  • Zahra'a polka dots are really cute and have a vintage feel. I love how she toughens them up with a denim shirt.
  • Krystelle lives up to her Stepford name through and through- that dress and belt give her curves to die for! She can work a red lip like no other.

The boy (patient as always- there would be no blog without him) took the group shots and the ones of me and I took the rest! Some how I managed to actually get some pictures in focus.

Lipstick Lovelies

NARS 'Schiap'. As seen here. They also do a nail polish in exactly the same shade. Gotta love that!


Chanel 'Maniac'. Not the easiest shade to wear but well worth it when you pull it off. This was my lipstick du jour on New Year's eve and it made my night!

MAC 'Lady Danger'. My favorite lipstick at the moment. It's a very orangey red and it can wash me out in certain lights so I just carry a torch around with me.... JOKING!!! Seen here with my lace dress :)

The best of the rest:
*MAC 'Ruby Woo'
*Tom Ford 'True Coral'
*MAC 'Way to Love'

Today was spent watching season one of 'Friends' whilst painting my nails. God I miss LA nail salons! I hate doing my own nails!

Lingerie on display

Lace top. cropped bra (worn underneath) and jeans: TopShop. Clogs: Jeffery Campbell
Trench Coat: Vintage.

I love this lace top. At first I was all about the shoulder pads but now I'm thinking I may remove them. Still undecided! Whatever I do, I already know I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of this top. When the boy saw this outfit he said "You cant walk around showing your bra!". I wore the trench coat to appease him but took it off in the sun. 

I'm on the hunt for the perfect wedding ensemble. I have a wedding in less then 3 weeks and I need TWO outfits for the event. Why do people do that!? It's difficult enough finding one!!! During the wedding hunt today I got distracted and (accidentally on purpose ) wandered into the shoe room in Liberties.  I found an amazing pair of Miu Miu shoes. I've been thinking about them all day... I'm gonna have to go back tomorrow and spend some time with them :)

Little Black Dress, Tall Red Shoes.

Little Black Dress T Shirt: Urban Outfitters. Jeans: TopShop. Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

These shoes are sooooooooooo hot. I got them from the Christian Louboutin sample sale in London just before christmas. Getting into that sale is like finding the golden ticket in 'Charlie and The Chocolate' factory. It is invite only and they are STRICT! It's like a death match inside. Gorgeous shoes everywhere and girls willing to kill for them. I  was lucky to snag these beauties and still manage to leave with my life. 

These amazing and very hard to come by shoes will be the first item in the new Ring My Bell shop! I adore them but they are too small for me and I wanted to open the shop with something truly special and these shoes definitely fit the bill.

The shop is here: SHOP RING MY BELL. More items soon!

The Goods....

A few of you have been asking about products I use... This picture is pretty much what I look like day to day if I clip my extensions in and the things below are what I use the most.


Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I wear a ton of black eyeliner and this is the only thing that gets it all off and doesn't sting my eyes. You massage it all over your face (whilst it's dry) and then rinse it off with water. Best. Thing. Ever.

Ren Facial Wash. Smells gorgeous and is free from yucky chemicals.

Shiseido protective moisturizer. This is quite pricey so I only buy it when I'm in duty free at the airport. If I don't use this then I use Olay Complete. I always use an SPF!

I always wash my make up off before I go to bed. Always. Even if I'm drunk! I used to have really bad skin as a teenager so I really look after it now.


Moroccan hair oil. I have the worst split ends and this helps them look a little less dry.

Fekkai Daily Fortifier. I use this after I was my hair to help protect from all the heat.

GHD hair straighteners. Could not live without mine! I use them to get my hair straight and create beachy waves. I find them easier to use then curling irons.

I have quite curly, frizzy hair naturally. I've never chemically straightened it. I rough dry it and then use GHD's to get it straight/wavy. I part it into sections and clip in the extensions. I then go through the whole thing and loosely curl my hair with the extensions to kind of blend it in.

Make up:

MAC Face and Body foundation. I've been using this for nearly 10 years. I love the light coverage it gives. I hate to look too 'made up'.

Touche Eclat. Nothing to say about this except: It's the #1 beauty product sold worldwide and there is a reason for this!

Mac Fluid Line in "Blacktrack". I use this everyday! I love the density of the blackness and I find it easier to use then liquid eyeliner. I use it with an angled brush to get a really good flick.

Stila Convertible Colour. I think have nearly every colour of these! I use them on my cheeks and lips. The packaging is very cute.

I have a huge make up collection but these are the things I use everyday. I have my daily make up routine down to a fine art now, it takes me about 7 minuets and then I'm good to go.
* * *

Even though pilot season is over and I'm back in London, me and the boy are still doing acting camp! Because we're not in LA we have to put ourselves on tape for projects and send them off. This can be a long process because we are actors and therefore NEVER happy with what we've done! We're always saying "lets just do one more take". Cut to 4 hours later and we're still on the same scene! I might start setting an egg timer to speed us up....

Clog debut....

Shirt: TopShop. Shorts: TopShop. Men's Belt: Vintage. Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell. 
Lunar Gold Ring: Lara Bohinc.

The clogs are surprisingly comfortable! I wore them all of yesterday evening- to dinner and to bungalow 8 and my feet were fine. This is good news because I plan to wear them alllllllllllll summer long. 

It's so good to be back in London! I do feel as though I am in limbo though. I can't really commit to fully being here until I know the fate of The Pink House. Obviously if it gets picked up then I'll be back in LA in no time but if it doesn't then I'd like to set up home here in London.... it will be so nice to  finally take all my stuff out of storage! 

Speaking of storage.... I left loads of clothes back here in London and it's been really nice to rediscover them. It's like buying them new all over again! I do need to do a massive clear out though. I think I'm going to set up a Ring My Bell shop. I have many fabulous things that I'm not wearing and they need to be sold to a good home. I'll keep you all posted :)

Big Tease

Jeffrey Campbell Charlie clogs

I'm teasing you with a quick snap of my new clogs. I'll do a full outfit post with them when I'm back in London and all settled in. I remember when clogs were hot in the 90's.... My mum had a great pair with a Gucci inspired horse bit buckle. I would always sneak into her room and try them on with my full length denim dress. Ha! So not a good look!

It took me a while to choose a colour, I deliberated for ages but went for black in the end. Thanks to all my fellow tweeters for helping!  The tan didn't show any off the lovely stud detail and the beige blended into my skin tone too much. I feel like the black ones look the most like the Chanel ones that I so crave. I've been OBSESSED with them for ages.
Alexa's chocolate brown ones are very yummy. If they had chocolate I would have gone for that for sure.

Next post will be from London!

Tightly Laced

Lace Dress: American Apparel. Nude Tube Dress: American Apparel. Boots: TopShop
Bracelet: Vintage

I've had this lace dress for a while. I was immediately drawn to it because its short with long sleeves but it's taken me a while to actually wear it because it is completely see through. (Why, oh why do I keep buying un-wearable see through things!?) I ended up solving the problem with a nude tube dress and was very happy with the result.

The bracelet is one of my favorite pieces. The boy bought it for me early on in our relationship on a trip to LA. I think it's 1940's.... I could be wrong. Whenever it's from I adore it! LA has great vintage finds. 

The lipstick I'm wearing is Lady Danger from MAC. It's my new lip obsession. I saw it on Chloe Sevigny on the cover on British Elle and needed it in my life. It's a very orangey red. Such a great cover.
This will be my last post from LA because we're leaving to go back to London on Monday! I'm so excited! Last night we did the live taping of The Pink House. I was really nervous before we started but the second I got out there I relaxed because the the audience were  so lovely and made it lots of fun. I loved how the writers would come up with new jokes between takes and we would have to do the scene different every time. If the show gets picked up we'll be doing that every week....