Sugar free

Denim Shorts: Vintage. Crop T. Shirt: American Apparel. Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Belt: Vintage.  Brown Topaz cocktail ring: Lu Shae. Glove ring: Mummy :)

When I was a little girl my mum would always wear lots of rings. At LEAST three on each hand. I was obsessed with her jewelry box. I'd sneak in there whenever I had the chance. I loved playing with all the rings, they seemed very magical to me.

She has this bad ass snake ring that winds up to her knuckle and has two diamonds for it's eyes. Amazing. I've got my eye on it but she's yet to give it up. I'll keep working on her.

She also has (or HAD because I relived her of this one last year! Ha!) a glove ring... This ring is special to me because I went with my dad to buy it. We went to this antique jewelry store in Hatton Garden (the jewelry quarter in London) and I got to pick which ring we would buy for my mum. I couldn't have been older then 6 or 7 but even then I knew a good ring when I saw it.

I've had a love affair with rings ever since so when Lu Shae jewelry contacted me about checking out their stuff I went straight to the ring page. I was lucky enough for them to send me this cocktail ring (thanks!) and it fits in perfectly with my collection. I tend to wear 5 or six rings on a day to day basis and this one is lovely. Some people save cocktail rings for the evening but I rock em out whenever I feel like it.

Have a peek at Lu Shae. Pretty stuff, reasonable prices and it arrives very quickly. The  absolute star of the site is this ring but it was sadly out of stock when I got mine. I'll keep checking back though because this one is a real beauty and tanzanite is my birth stone... I think.


The boy is out so I finally have access to his computer. Here are the Garbelle/Trainerspotter hooded dress pictures. After such a long wait I wish they were more impressive and that there was more of them! The dress is hot... the stubble under my armpits is not. Yugh! I'm only human :)

Pilot season is coming to an end and I was thinking I may have to leave this town unemployed but NBC saved the day and cast me in a pilot! I'm very superstitious and I don't want to put my mouth on it until it's all locked down but I have a job and when I feel like it's really really really really REALLY safe to tell you all the details, I will. I'm very happy and excited to get to work!

Short Stripes and Red Meat

Studded shorts: TopShop. Gladiator sandals: River Island. Bag: Alexander Wang.

The weather is finally doing what I expect for it to be doing so I got my legs and toes out in celebration. I love these shorts, they didn't have them in my size so I bought them two sizes up. I do that a lot. It drives my mum crazy! As a teenager I was really into trainers (sneakers for the americans) and I had pairs in sizes ranging from a UK4 to a UK7. Some pairs I just needed to have and size was irrelevant! 

I'm gonna talk about my hair again. Apologies if I'm boring you! (Think about how the poor boy feels- he has to hear it every day.) If you look at the second picture you can see how curly and frizzy the roots are and then it just kinda goes straight towards the ends. Heat and bleach y'all. Not good. Now I'm doing a "Tyra" and just committing one hair sin at a time. I'm very much over the bleach so heat is my currant hair torture.

I've been craving meat all week so me and the boy went for burgers yesterday.

Forget In and Out burger. Umami have THE best burgers ever. I had the truffle burger and it was amazing. It's actually making me hungry just thinking about it and it shouldn't because we just had steak for dinner.

Look at the bloody size of the boy's piece of steak! It's actually double the size of mine.... and he ate all of it.... and he ate some of mine.

The Reel Inn and Saturday

Me and the boy had a unexpected free day on friday so we decided to make the most of it and drove out to Malibu to have lunch at this cute place called The Reel Inn. The food was delicious! The menu is all fresh fish and you get to pick how its cooked. The calamari was insane. If you're ever in Los Angeles get your bum down there.

The nice thing about having a free day (besides eating calamari with the boy) is that it means I can give my hair a rest. Lots of you ask about my hair and when I'm not working or going to meetings I put lots of conditioner in it and then put it in a bun. You can kinda see from the above picture that my natural hair is quite curly, alas it does not grow the way it looks in my previous posts!

Jacket: TopShop, studs by me.  Shirt: LF. Bag: Alexander Wang. 
Peep Toe Wedges: Jeffery Campbell. Sunglasses: Rayban.

On Saturday we hung out with a friend of ours and his son. I love hanging out with kids. They always make me smile. We took Levi to the park and then to a Korean BBQ, which I know doesn't sound like the most child friendly place but he loves it there! It was my first time and I loved it too.

I didn't plan on doing an outfit post so these pictures aren't the best. This LF shirt is one of my favorite things to wear at the moment. It's really oversized and it has the shoulders cut out so it's still very feminine. I love shoulders! I don't wear these wedges as often as I should, they're actually very comfortable.

We booked our flights back to London this week.... I cannot wait to see my cat.

Oooh La La

Crop Top: H&M-self cropped. Skirt: American Apparel. Chunky Socks: Gap. 
Boots: Top Shop. Lipstick: MAC red

Another little insight to share with all my aspiring actor readers: There are no weekends during pilot season! I have had meetings on saturdays and sundays. I actually think this can sometimes be a good thing because it means that A: There is very little traffic, and B: You get to drive right onto the studio lot and not just park in the parking structure on the edge and walk 4 miles to the building that you need.

This saturday I had a meeting on the Fox lot. I got to drive straight to my building AND I drove right through a New York street scene. I was so excited I actually squealed! I cant help it, I'm a nerd and those are the things I think are cool :)

I don't watch the Oscar's because all I care about are the dresses and who won but I was lucky enough to be in the living room while the boy was watching at THE exact moment that Monique won her award... thus I got to see Samuel L Jackson's magnificent side eye live! 

Nowhere to stop on Mulholland Drive

Dress: LF. Jacket: TopShop, studded by moi. Boots: TopShop.
Denim shorts: TopShop. Purse: Chanel

I snagged this dress in the LF sale. It's totally see through but I don't let that stop me- denim shorts with some lace layering and I'm good to go! Me and the boy wanted to take pictures up on Mulholland Drive but as the title suggests there wasn't anywhere to stop. Every place we found had other cars parked there and I felt like it was too spooky! We took these on Sunset Blvd instead....  although now I'm looking at them we could have been anywhere!

Sooooo tired this week. I don't think my brain can hold any more lines! I've decided the best way to sum up pilot season is that it's like going to work all day but without getting paid. Still.... I'm glad to be doing it :)