Red Riding

Dress: Garbelle

Another photo shoot from the archives. This one was done while me and the boy were filming  season two of Secret Diary. We both had a day off and we got up super early to head over to Thom's place and shoot in his garden. The whole purpose of this shoot was just to practice I guess and I love that we did that... Thom wanted to practice make up, Cyrena wanted more dresses for her collection and the boy wanted to test out his lighting idea. Just being creative for creative's sake. 

Please note the black lipstick. Waaaaaaaaaay before Chanel did it!

I really love how Cyrena attached the hood to the dress. Like I said in my previous post there is also a Garbelle for Trainerspotter dress with a hood that I plan to post. All those images are on the boys computer and he's always using it when I want to. Eh hem :)

Acting camp is still in full force.

Fade to Grey

Skirt: Random shop in NYC. T.Shirt: American Apparel.

Grey is my second favorite colour to wear. After black of course! (um, if you are reading this in America and are wondering about my spelling- that's how we spell colour in England!) I love the waist band on this skirt. It's just the right side of tight and it sits perfectly on the waist. 

There is something really cosy about grey. If I'm buying sweatpants or a hoodie I nearly always go for grey. Case in point below.... I think even my nail polish is grey in this picture!

Pilot season is in full swing now and me and the boy are busier then ever. We call our apartment 'acting camp'. We each have our own area. He works in the dining room and I work in the bathroom.... Dont ask me why, I just like the vibe in there. It's very feminine and serene! I actually have to go back to acting camp aka the bathroom now because I have lines to learn for tomorrow :)

His and Hers aka Jungle Fever

Cocktail Dress: Garbelle for Trainerspotter. Men's Shirt: Trainerspotter. Sunglasses:Rayban

This is another shoot from back in the day. Trainerspotter is a really cool british label that I have a lot of love for. I was nuts about this shirt from the moment I saw it. Those lovely (and very smart) boys saw how Cyrena was making hot dresses and gave her some of the same material.... The dress above is what she came up with. Genius. And it fitted me like a dream. She also made another dress with a sick hood attached but I'll save those pictures for another day.

I love how the shots for the dress are sassy and feminine and then the shots with the shirt have a rockerbilly vibe. The boy killed it with the lighting. It looks like it's the hottest day in the jungle ever when in fact it was bloody freezing in my back garden and you couldn't even see the sky through the clouds.

Um, how small is Oscar here!? Adorable!!!! 

It was his first photo shoot and he nailed it! God I miss my baby!

I'm in the middle of pilot season at the moment. I spend all day in my car going form audition to audition and then I come home and learn lines for the following day. It's hard work but there is something really satisfying about working towards something and chasing the dream. You gotta have a dream, right?

(Just saw that I finally made it to 100 followers. Thanks so much guys! It made so happy to see that! Mwah!)

Raspberry Beret

Raspberry beret: Mary Quant (vintage). Body suit: American Apparel. Chambray Pants: American Apparel. Mens Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

My daddy found this beret. Its Mary Quant and it's in almost perfect condition. It's one of the few items that always travels with me. The pants remind me of wrestling pants! They're very comfy and I adore anything with deep pockets. 

The sun is finally coming out in LA. It's still bloody cold though.... although I'm sure it's better then what I'd have to deal with if I was at home in London. 

Something old

First two pictures- Dress: PPQ. Shoes: KG. Clutch: Vintage. Jewelry: CC Skye
Second two pictures- Dress: Oasis. Shoes: Office.
Fifth picture- Dress-PPQ (I think! Apologies if I'm wrong). Shoes: Office.
Final Picture- I have no idea where that dress is from!

As promised here is an old shoot me and the boy did. I'm hoping to find some more.... I think this was actually the first time we did a shoot together. These shots are probably like 2 years old. They were taken by my old apartment in Crystal Palace, London. I used to live there with Kevin Morosky. We had wanted to live together since we were 16 and I look back on our time there fondly. He doesn't but that's another story and not mine to tell. 

I am so blonde in these pictures! I'm never doing that again. It's taken me forever to grow the damaged bits out and they're still not all gone. Damn you bleach!

This shoot was Thomas 'ticklemouse' Walker's idea and he did all the makeup. We're not really friends anymore but I'm a grown up lady and I like to give credit where credit is due ;)

Back To Black

Yeah that's right. Big guns.
Dress: American Apparel. Jacket: TopShop (studs by me). Bag: Balenciaga. Boots: TopShop.

I don't usually dress like this to go to Trader Joe's! On the way back from a meeting me and the boy did our weekly shopping AND a little impromptu photo shoot in the car park.

My balenciaga weekender is one of my favorite bags. It's a modern classic.... just like the silhouette of the American Apparel dress: Short with long sleeves. Works every time.

Some people say black is boring. Some people should shut up ;)